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About Zuyderland

Together one

Zuyderland originates from a merger between Atrium Medical Center Parkstad and Orbis Medical and Care Concern Sittard-Geleen. These health care organizations merged as from the 1st of January 2015. The actual merger was the start of a substantial process of change.

Strengthening of care

The combination of qualities of Atrium and Orbis leads to strengthening of care in the Province of Limburg, now and in the future. We, as a teaching hospital, think that the transmission of knowledge is of great importance. We learn from each other and choose the best of two worlds. We invest in further specialization and state-of-the art medical equipment and we like to walk in the frontline with innovations in care.

Control over your life

Our motivated employees in the hospitals, care homes, rehabilitation, youth health care, hospices, home care and domestic care are ready to support you every day. They help you to keep as much control as possible over your own life. If you are the one in need of care, you are the one who is in charge.

In good hands

With the employees of Zuyderland you are in good hands, from your birth till the last phase of life.

Centers of excellence

Zuyderland has specific expertise on oncology, obesity, neurocognitive diseases, mobility and interstitial lung diseases. Within each of these medical health priorities, we are continuously working and building on a so-called ‘center of excellence’: an area with unique knowledge and/or skills in the Netherlands, known as the center or one of the few centers with the most knowledge on the specific area of interest among fellow professionals.


We continually strive to develop and successfully implement new and usable ideas, tools, techniques, services and processes for care and service delivery. By being innovative, we try to optimize the care for our patients. Furthermore, medical specialists and other professionals are interested in innovations, which stimulates the inflow of highly qualified specialists.

Education and training

Zuyderland provides physicians with excellent opportunities for specialization. Top clinical courses are offered in cooperation with, among others, Maastricht UMC+. Zuyderland also plays an important role for physicians as a regional teaching hospital. In cooperation with Zuyd University and the Zorgacademie Parkstad courses are also offered to nurses for nursing specializations and medical support functions. This allows attracting and retaining talented professionals. We also support and facilitate medical and nursing research.

Key figures

Zuyderland is the largest employer of the Province Limburg. The key figures below give an impression of the size of Zuyderland.

Zuyderland Hospital

  • Number of beds Zuyderland Medical Center: 980
  • Number of submissions: 42.000 per year
  • Number of nursing days: 170.000 per year
  • Number of day-care submissions: 86.000 per year
  • Number of visits to outpatient clinics: 845.000 per year


  • Medical specialists employed: 124
  • Free established medical specialists working in Zuyderland: 297
  • Other staff employed: 4550 (fte)

Zuyderland Care

  • 8 Care Centers / Nursing Homes and 2 Hospices
    Number of Clients 1300 and number of Employees 1400 (fte)
  • Home care
    Number of Clients 2700 and number of Employees 550 (fte)
  • Domestic Help
    Number of Clients 3800 and number of Employees 411(fte)
  • Youth Health care
    Number of Clients 1100 and number of Emplyees 24 (fte)